Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trip to the Library

Storytime at the library is a fun activity to do with your little one. It usually is around 20 to 30 minutes, just enough to keep the busy bodies engaged before they dart off to find something else. With music, stories, rhymes, puppets..storytime has lot of variety to ensure 20 minutes of continuous entertainment.

After storytime I take Lil Bee to the children section where she enjoys picking out board books for the week.These days she is into identifying day to day things like flowers, cars, buckets and so on. She also pretends to sign out for the books, guess it makes her feel all grown up.

At home she goes through the books for a good 10 minutes on her own before asking me to join her. Research has found that the human brain develops the most during the first five years of life. It is amazing to see how quickly they grasp words and concepts. I see her keenly listening  as I read and I know she has registered the way the word sounds even though she is unable to say it herself.

I sure hope libraries are around for a long time to come because I see bookshops closing down left, right and center. I used to love reading books as a kid and even now prefer to curl up with a book and hot tea instead of a tablet PC. There is something about turning a page that feels so right !

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