Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yogurt Finger Paints

These are the best starter finger paints for your toddler. Of course the words "mess" and "toddler" are synonymous so you will probably need more cleaning supplies than the supplies needed to make these.And there is the tendency for the paints to change from finger to palm to hand to both hands paint. The best part is that you save yourself a panic attack if your toddler decides that she doesn't want to just touch and play but wants to taste it too.

All you need is yogurt and food color. Mix a drop of food color into the yogurt, stir and voila, 5 second paints are ready.

Warning : Make sure you have your toddler dressed in some play clothes and be sure to spread a sheet because if they decide to clap hands while painting, well then you have another painting all over floor. All washable of course.

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